Russia Reports a 12.6% Increase in Infections Over the Past Week

In the latest update from the Federal Operational Headquarters for Combating the New Coronavirus Infection, it has been revealed that the incidence of coronavirus infection in Russia has risen by 12.6% over the past week, TuraNews.kz reports.

According to the official statement, the infection rate of the new coronavirus per 100,000 population during the past week was 18.5, marking a significant 12.6% increase compared to the previous week. This surge in cases has been observed across 62 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, with 18 regions experiencing higher infection rates than the national average.

In terms of hospitalizations, the report indicates that 3,746 individuals with coronavirus were admitted to hospitals in the Russian Federation during the past week, reflecting a notable 21.4% increase from the previous week. This rise in hospitalizations has been reported in 54 regions of Russia, with 25 regions surpassing the national average.

While recovery remains a key focus, the data shows a slight decline in the number of people recovering from coronavirus infection during the past week. Specifically, 39,743 individuals recovered, marking a 3% decrease compared to the previous week. Unfortunately, the operational headquarters clarified that 150 individuals lost their lives to the virus during the week from January 8 to January 14.




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