Import of butter has increased significantly in Kazakhstan

The volume of imported butter in the country has increased by 50%.

in 2022, Kazakhstani local enterprises produced 24.8 thousand tons of butter which is 8.3% less than total production of butter in 2021, reports citing National Statistic Agency.

in 2021, the total production volume of the butter was 27,1 thousand tons.

According to the National Stat Bureau, exports of the product also decreased by 16.7%.

In 12 months of last year, 3.8 thousand tons of butter were sent abroad, and in 2021, 4.5 thousand tons were exported.

In turn, import increased by 49.2%, more than 7.8 thousand tons of products were imported in 2022. The share of imported products was 23.9%.

According to the results of the 12th month of 2022, 28.8 thousand tons of butter were sold in the domestic market.


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