Volunteers Mobilize to Aid Flood Victims Across Kazakhstan

With flooding affecting multiple regions, over 20,000 volunteers have sprung into action, assisting in various relief efforts.

The National Network of Volunteers‘ operational headquarters has established call centers in all 20 regions of the country, utilizing a single contact number, +7 708 706 4242, to coordinate volunteer efforts and provide assistance to those affected.

In the Aktobe region, approximately 4,000 volunteer groups are actively engaged in flood relief operations. These volunteers have played a crucial role in evacuating over 2,000 residents from flooded homes, providing essential supplies, and offering free transportation to evacuation points. Additionally, volunteers have distributed hot meals to 6,000 people, with relief efforts ongoing.

Similarly, in the Akmola region, more than 200 volunteers have assisted in flood relief efforts, aiding over 500 injured individuals. Hot beverages and food have been provided to evacuated residents and emergency personnel, with collection points established to gather essential items for flood victims.

In the West Kazakhstan region, around 300 volunteers are supporting anti-flood operations, offering accommodation and meals to evacuated residents in collaboration with the National Emergency Service.

In the Kostanay region, volunteers have organized hot meals for 600 people and aided in water extraction from residential buildings. Additionally, volunteers have transported residents to safety and assisted in the transportation of food supplies.

Overall, 20,000 volunteers have mobilized across the country to support aid collection points for flood victims. As of the latest update, 12,701 individuals, including 4,728 children, have been evacuated, with 6,461 people, including 2,570 children, residing in temporary shelters.

Efforts to pump out over 4.2 million cubic meters of meltwater continue amidst the ongoing emergency.



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