Turkestan Region Schools Embrace Starlink for Improved Internet Access

Schools in remote villages across the Turkestan region are set to benefit from Elon Musk's Starlink network, providing enhanced internet connectivity.

Starlink has been swiftly implemented in the Turkestan region, marking a significant step in bridging the digital divide. Out of the 911 public schools in the region, 581 already enjoy internet speeds ranging from 20 to 80 Mbit/s via fiber-optic connections. Additionally, 33 schools are slated to join the Starlink satellite internet network in the near future.

Starlink offers several advantages, including high-quality connectivity and impressive speeds starting from 120 Mbit/s, all facilitated by simple installation processes.

Furthermore, 330 schools located in remote and mountainous areas previously had access to low-speed internet, ranging from 512 Kb/s to 20 Mbit/s. Notably, over 200 of these schools have already been connected to Starlink, making it the largest such deployment in the country. Plans are underway to fully integrate remaining villages into the satellite internet network by the end of April, effectively resolving the issue of internet access in Turkestan’s schools.

This initiative aligns with President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s directive at the Republican Congress of Teachers on October 5, 2023, aiming to equip all secondary educational institutions with high-speed internet. Oversight of this timely endeavor falls under the jurisdiction of Darkhan Satybaldy, the region’s akim.

In support of this directive, Yerkegali Alimkulov, Chief of Staff of the Akim of the Turkestan region, conducted visits to various districts to oversee internet deployment efforts. During his visit to Enbek Secondary School in Kazygurt district, Alimkulov witnessed the successful implementation of Starlink, facilitated through collaboration between regional authorities and relevant ministries.

The installation of Starlink satellite internet devices in schools across the region, including the Enbek school, underscores the commitment to providing equal educational opportunities for all citizens. Through the Starlink network, previously underserved schools now have access to internet speeds exceeding 200 Mbit/s, greatly enhancing the learning experience for students and teachers alike.

Alimkulov’s inspection tour extended to Tolebi district, where he observed the installation of Starlink at Zhylanbuzgan Secondary School. This initiative has been met with gratitude from villagers and students, as it promises to digitalize the educational process and address digital inequality in the Turkestan region.



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