The European Union has given the deadline for Type-C entry!

The European Union Parliament expressed the deadline for brands to switch to Type-C entry on the press conference.

The European Union Parliament has been negotiating for a long time due to the fact that smart phones, tablets, computers and similar technological products have different charging ports and the extra environmental waste created by this situation. Finally, the European Union, which has come to the decision that all electronic devices should have a uniform input, has also determined the deadline for this transition.

iPhone models will use Type-C input

According to the press release shared by the European Union Parliament, from the end of 2024, all smart phones, tablets and cameras will have to be offered with Type-C input. In addition, all devices that support fast charging will now have the same charging speed. Thus, users will be able to charge their devices at the same speed as any compatible charger.

While many manufacturers already offer Type-C inputs, the most affected brand will be Apple. Because Apple is currently using Lightning ports, including the recently introduced iPhone 14 models. However, with the new law, the US company will have to switch to Type-C input in all its technological products.

The company has still 2 years for this transition however within the rules, Apple must adopt Type-C inputs with the iPhone 16 model, which is expected to be introduced in 2024. Otherwise, by 2025, Apple will not be able to sell phones and tablets in Europe. Because the statements in the press release underline that this change will not only apply to devices released after the law change, but to all devices still on sale at that point.

On the other hand, Apple may not wait for the iPhone 16 model for this transition. It seems likely that the company will welcome the Type-C port with the iPhone 15. In addition, Apple has already switched to Type-C input for iPads. Therefore Apple might make a similar move on phones starting from next year.

According to the press release, from the spring of 2026, the same rule will apply to laptops. From this date, all laptop manufacturers will also use the Type-C connection in the charging ports.



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