Kazakhstan Witnesses Decrease in Birth Rate for 2023

Kazakhstan saw a decline in its birth rate in 2023, with 388.4 thousand children born compared to 403.8 thousand in 2022.

According to data of the Bureau of National Statistics, of these births, 51.6% were boys and 48.4% were girls, with 59% occurring in urban areas and 41% in rural regions. The total fertility rate (TFR) dropped to 19.52 births per 1,000 people in 2023 from 20.57 in 2022, with the highest rates in Mangistau, Turkistan, and Shymkent.

Most births were among women aged 25–29 years (29%) and 30–34 years (26%), while women under 20 accounted for 12.6 thousand births and those over 50 for 96 births, with an average maternal age of 29.7 years.

The TFR for the republic decreased to 2.96 in 2023 from 3.55 in 2022, with urban areas seeing a drop to 2.63 and rural areas remaining unchanged at 3.59. Turkistan had the highest TFR at 4.39, while North Kazakhstan had the lowest at 1.82.

In terms of birth order, 23% of children were second-born, and there were 4,075 twins born, slightly more than in 2022. Additionally, there were 48 triplets and 1 set of quadruplets born during the period.




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