Kazakhstan to change name of capital from Nur-sultan to Astana

President of Kazakhstan Kasım Jomart Tokayev approved the renaming of the capital

Ruslan Jeldibay, Press Spokesman of the President of Kazakhstan shared the information that the proposal to change the name of the capital was included in the draft constitution on his social media account.

“This proposal was included in the draft constitution with the proposal of the parliamentarians and the approval of our President. President Tokayev stated that N.A. Nazarbayev played an important role in Kazakhstan’s reaching its current strong position and alsohis  contributions to the establishment of the capital is a historical fact. For this reason, our other valuable institutions bearing the name of the First President should continue to keep their names.” said Ruslan Jeldibay.

Former President of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev resigned from his post in March 2019 after ruling the country for nearly 30 years. President Kasım Cömert Tokayev, who took over the office, suggested that Nazarbayev’s name be given to the capital.


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