Japan Sets World Record for Fastest Internet at 402 Tbps

Japan's National Institute of Information Technology has achieved a groundbreaking data transfer rate of 402 terabits per second (Tbps) using commercial fiber optic cables. This new record demonstrates that upgrading existing fiber optic infrastructure is unnecessary, as previously unused wavelength ranges are sufficient for such high speeds.

The scientists transmitted signals through 1,505 channels over a distance of 50 km. This required the use of six types of amplifiers and an optical equalizer with a bandwidth of 37 THz.

As a result, the maximum data transfer rate surpassed previous records by 25% and increased throughput by 35%. Remarkably, this achievement can be realized with the current technologies available from Internet providers. The untapped potential of existing fiber optics is enormous, and new generation optical cables and systems can further extend their service life.



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