IV World Nomad Games to kick off in Turkey on September 29

The Kazakh national team will take part in five types of traditional sports in the World Nomad Games, Spokesperson for the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports Samat Yergaliyev announced at a briefing. According to him, 50 Kazakh participants will compete for the title of best in such sports as kokpar, jamby atu, traditional archery, kok-boru, as well as Kazakh wrestling. The latter is represented by three athletes, who are expected to show good results.

“The state met all conditions to provide proper trainings and participations of athletes in the games. In particular, this year, the kokpar team held four training sessions, and the Kazakh wrestling team held three training sessions in the countries far abroad. All athletes are provided with necessary equipments for the games” Yergaliyev said.

For the first time, Turkey will host the World Nomad Games this year which will be 4th. The competition will be held from September 29 to October 4 dates in Iznik city of Turkey. Previously, the Nomad Games were held only in Kyrgyzstan.

Qazaq TV


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