Ilham Aliyev Extends Condolences to President Erdogan on Anniversary of Türkiye Earthquake

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev conveyed heartfelt condolences to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the solemn occasion of the anniversary of the devastating earthquake that struck Türkiye in February 2023.

In a letter, President Aliyev expressed his profound sympathy, stating:

“Dear Mr. President,

Dear brother,

As we mark one year since the tragic earthquake that befell Türkiye in February 2023, claiming the lives of tens of thousands, I offer my deepest respects and prayers for the souls of our fallen brothers and sisters. May Allah Almighty grant them eternal peace, and I extend my heartfelt patience to their families and loved ones.

This calamity, which deeply resonated with Azerbaijan, united our hearts in grief with our fraternal Turkish brethren. In those trying times, our nation stood in solidarity with the Turkish people, sharing in their anguish and mourning. Without hesitation, upon learning of the earthquake, Azerbaijan swiftly mobilized all resources to fulfill its fraternal duty. Our rescue teams, medical personnel, and volunteers, alongside their Turkish counterparts, displayed remarkable courage, resilience, and dedication in the aftermath and search-and-rescue operations. From every corner, young and old, our compatriots spared no effort to provide support and solace to those affected by the disaster.

Under your steadfast leadership, the Turkish government has tirelessly worked to mend the extensive devastation, revitalize the affected regions, and provide shelter for the millions left homeless. Azerbaijan, while continuing humanitarian efforts in Kahramanmaraş province, is actively engaged in reconstruction and restoration endeavors, including the construction of vital social infrastructure. We take great pride in standing shoulder to shoulder with Türkiye in this noble and honorable endeavor.

These actions epitomize the enduring unity and solidarity between Azerbaijan and Türkiye, forever etched in our shared history. Just as Türkiye stands by Azerbaijan in times of joy and sorrow, so shall we stand unwaveringly by Türkiye. For we are not merely two nations but one nation with two states.

I am confident that, under your leadership, the resilient spirit and unwavering solidarity of the Turkish people will see them through these trials, emerging from this bitter ordeal with dignity and fortitude.

On this somber occasion, I extend once more my deepest condolences to you, the families of the victims, and the brotherly people of Türkiye, on behalf of the people of Azerbaijan.”



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