Forest Fires in Türkiye Brought Under Control

Most of the forest fires that erupted in several provinces of Türkiye have been brought under control.

On June 29, 16 forest fires were reported in the Turkish province of Izmir. The fires occurred in areas such as Karakadag, Menderes, Menemen, Selcuk, Torbali, Cesme, and others.

In total, 30 fires broke out the day before in rural areas, and another 14 in forests. Some of these have already been extinguished by rescuers.

Particularly severe fires broke out in the districts of Selcuk and Menderes near Izmir, but they are not the only affected areas. Law enforcement reported at least 16 fires in the province.

Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ibrahim Yumakli announced that all fires in Izmir have been brought under control.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense dispatched five helicopters to support the firefighters. Residents of one village were evacuated for safety reasons.

Ibrahim Yumakli suggested that the fires could have been started by a discarded cigarette butt.

Firefighting efforts are still ongoing, with no reports of casualties or injuries at this time.




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