Due to the increase of foreigners in Uzbekistan, tenants are being evicted from their homes

The press service of Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan Republic states that there is sudden increase in the number of foreigners who are recently visiting the country.

The statement said it has a positive effect on country’s tourism, at the same time their excessive number might leads to negative consequences as well.

“There are registering cases of forced eviction of tenants or unjustified increase in the price of rents in order to make more profit”  Ministry of Justice reports.

The department reminded that these actions violate the requirements of the Civil Code of Uzbekistan and other legal acts, as well as the legal basis of renting a residential property.

The Ministry of Justice explained that unilateral changes to the terms of the contract or its termination at the initiative of the owner are carried out only by court procedure.

According to the news on local media, the price of renting an apartment in the capital of Uzbekistan has doubled due to the arrival of foreign citizens, primarily Russian citizens.

In particular, the price of one-room and two-room apartments increased from 300-450 dollars to 600-1500 dollars.


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