Countdown Board Launched in Astana for 5th World Nomadic Games

In Astana, Kazakhstan, a ceremony marked the unveiling of a countdown board, signaling the approaching commencement of the 5th World Nomadic Games.

According to reports from the official website of the capital administration, if counting begins from March 21, there are 171 days remaining until the commencement of the games.

The ceremony was attended by esteemed dignitaries including Bilal Erdogan, President of the World Ethnosports Confederation; Ermek Marzhikbayev, Minister of Tourism and Sports; Zhenis Kasymbek, Mayor of Astana; and Islambek Salzhanov, President of the National Sports Association.

Addressing the gathering, the Speaker of Majilis extended congratulations on the auspicious occasion of Ulys – Nauryz, emphasizing the global significance of the World Nomadic Games, which draw attention not only from Turkic-speaking peoples but from around the world.

Yerlan Koshanov, the Speaker of Majilis, highlighted the intensive preparations underway for the upcoming world competition, underscoring the honor and responsibility associated with hosting such a prestigious event in Kazakhstan.

Koshanov reiterated the commitment to organizing the games at a high standard, reflecting the directive of the head of state. He expressed confidence that the competition would strengthen cultural ties and cooperation among Turkic nations.

Anticipated participation from 100 countries worldwide, with agreements already secured from 60 nations, is expected at the Nomad Games. Approximately 4,000 athletes across 20 sports disciplines will compete during the week-long festival set to ignite the Uly Dala region.

Following the ceremony, attendees visited the “Nauryz holiday Astana 2024” crafts fair and enjoyed a festive concert commemorating the Great Day of Ulys.





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