China’s JINHAI Technology to Set Up Vaccine Production in Uzbekistan

JINHAI Technology from China will create a vaccine production facility in Uzbekistan.

Ministry of Agriculture in Uzbekistan convened a meeting with representatives from the Chinese company JINHAI Technology to discuss crucial advancements in the country’s animal husbandry sector.

Recognizing the pivotal role of animal husbandry in Uzbekistan’s development in recent years, the Ministry highlighted the need for further efforts in enhancing livestock management and safeguarding animals from infectious diseases.

The meeting underscored the challenge posed by protein diseases that frequently afflict the country’s livestock. Notably, the vaccine essential for combating these diseases is currently imported, leading to a considerable rise in financial expenditures.


Addressing this issue, representatives from JINHAI Technology proposed the establishment of a collaborative joint venture. This venture aims to locally produce vaccines that will effectively shield Uzbekistan’s livestock from infectious diseases. The proposal garnered approval from ministry officials, leading to the decision to proceed with signing a memorandum of cooperation.






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