China Sees Population Decline for the Second Consecutive Year

China's Population Registers a Drop of 2 Million in 2023

New data from the State Statistics Administration of the People’s Republic of China reveals that the country’s population decreased by 2 million people in 2023. The total population stood at 1 billion 409 million, reflecting a decline of 2.08 million compared to the previous year.

This marks the second consecutive year of population decline for China, as it had also experienced a decrease in 2022 – the first time since the early 1960s, when drought and famine had similarly impacted population figures.

In 2023, China recorded 9.56 million newborns and 11.1 million deaths. The birth rate has reached its lowest level since national records began in 1949, standing at 6.39 per thousand. This marks a further decline from the 6.77 per thousand recorded in 2022. The shrinking birth rate poses challenges for China’s demographic landscape and raises questions about the potential long-term implications for the country’s economy and social structure.




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