Azerbaijan and Armenia Parliament Speakers Meet in Geneva Amid Peace Talks

In Geneva, on May 16, as part of the inaugural session of the organizing committee of the VI World Conference of Speakers of Parliaments, the chairpersons of the parliaments of Azerbaijan and Armenia convened for their second meeting.

The discussions centered on avenues through which the parliaments of both countries could bolster the peace process amid ongoing negotiations between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Despite the complexities, the meeting unfolded in a constructive atmosphere, fostering an agreement to sustain the dialogue between the two parliamentary bodies.

Sahiba Gafarova and Alen Simonyan, speakers of the Azerbaijani and Armenian parliaments respectively, engaged in negotiations in Geneva. This meeting transpired within the broader context of the inaugural session of the Preparatory Commission of the VI World Conference of Speakers of Parliaments organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

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