Women’s market opens in Kabul

A women’s market has opened in Kabul, providing employment opportunities to more than a hundred women, reports.

The market was opened by a private company in response to the high unemployment rate among women in Afghanistan. The market covers an area of about 20 acres and was built with personal funds amounting to 50 million Afghanis.

Entrepreneurs at the market expressed gratitude for creating a safe place for women and asked the country’s authorities to support them. Meanwhile, some women asked the country’s authorities to give them the opportunity to work.

UN Secretary General Calls on Taliban to Open Schools for Girls

Earlier, the UN Secretary General called on the Taliban to open schools for girls. He called the closure of girls’ schools starting in grade 7 “an unjustifiable violation of human rights that causes long-term harm to the entire country.”

The Taliban has imposed a number of restrictions on women since taking control of Afghanistan in August 2021, including banning them from participating in sports and from holding many government jobs. The closure of girls’ schools is one of the most severe restrictions imposed by the Taliban, and it has been widely condemned by the international community.


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