WhatsApp is launching a paid subscription with two new features

WhatsApp developers are launching a Premium subscription for Business users, which is already available to some beta testers.

As it was reported earlier, a new subscription plan for business accounts: it will let businesses use additional features such as the ability to link up to 10 devices to the same WhatsApp account thanks to multi-device.
Today, we can finally reveal that the subscription plan is called WhatsApp Premium, it is only for business accounts and it is optional, but we can announce something more about what else WhatsApp Premium will offer to businesses:

Image: WaBetaInfo

WhatsApp Premium will offer to users the ability to link and name up to 10 devices, so business devices can be also renamed to remember them easily. In addition, WhatsApp is also planning to offer the ability to create a unique custom business link: businesses can already use short links to let customers contact them by opening a link that includes their phone number.

If you create a custom business link, it does not mean that the business phone number is hidden: a custom business link is only a better way to contact the business by using an easy-to-remember link. The custom short link is not a username but it is unique, so it will always open a specific business chat. Note that you will be able to change the custom short link once every 90 days.




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