What happened behind the scenes of the Tashkent Film Festival?

It is claimed that Burak Ozcivit and Nurgul Yesilcay did not want to go on stage with the other Turkish actors who attended the ceremony.

Serdar Gokhan, who participated in the 14th International Tashkent Film Festival held in Uzbekistan this year, lashed out at his colleagues Nurgul Yesilcay and Burak Ozcivit, who he claimed did not go on the same stage with him.

We went to Tashkent Film Festival for representing Turkey. They invited 12 actors to the stage. There were reserved sits for Burak and Nurgul but they did not deign to come and sit next to us. We heard voices from the backstage saying that ‘I will not go out there’. They did not deign to sit next to us at the event even though we went there to represent Turkey. We were there to present our homeland without having a penny for profit. We could not understand the intentions of them and as all the actors we were demoralized right there. -said actor

CNN Türk

I’m an artist and I’m free to criticize the film

Expressing that he had no problems with Ozcivit before, the artist said, “We went to the festival without any self interest. I Maybe I made some criticisms to the producer company, it may have been taken to him but I am an artist and I am free to criticize the film. I do not know Burak Ozcivit. I saw it once in Mehmet Bey’s room in the ‘Ertugrul: Resurrection’ project, that’s all.”

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