VNG Directorate Explores Future Games Operations in Kazan

The purpose of their visit was to exchange experiences and establish connections with the organizing committee of the Future Games.

Representatives from the World Nomad Games (VNG) directorate recently traveled to Kazan to participate in the “Games of the Future,” an international sporting event.

The delegation, comprising Mukhtar Tanash, head of the transport support department, Arman Ashykbekov, head of the accommodation and catering department, and Bakdaulet Zhandildayev, head of volunteer management, engaged in discussions with the Future Games organizers. They explored various logistical aspects such as accommodation, catering, transportation, media interaction, and volunteer coordination. Additionally, they toured sports facilities, the games management center, and the volunteer center, gaining insights into the event’s organizational processes.

The Games of the Future feature around 2,000 esports participants from over 100 countries. Following a phygital concept, the tournament blends physical skills, modern technology, and digital environments. Competitions span five categories: sports, strategy, tactics, technology, and speed, encompassing traditional sports, drone competitions, and robot contests. Notably, robots demonstrate their capabilities alongside human competitors.



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