V World Nomad Games Presented at AIPS Congress in Spain

The unveiling of the V World Nomad Games took center stage at the 86th Congress of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) held in Santa Susanna, Spain.

Kazakhstan took the spotlight during the congress, presenting plans for the V World Nomad Games scheduled to take place in Astana from September 8 to 14, 2024.

The presentation emphasized the overarching mission of the World Nomad Games, focusing on fostering the global ethnosports movement, preserving historical cultural heritage, and celebrating the diversity of world cultures through the promotion of ethnic sports on the international stage.

Despite challenges posed by recent natural disasters and budget constraints, Kazakhstan’s commitment to hosting the World Nomad Games remained unwavering, as highlighted by Ilyas Omarov, a member of the executive committee of the Asian branch of the International Sports Press Association.

AIPS, established in 1924, serves as a prominent professional organization for sports journalists worldwide, boasting approximately 8,000 members spanning over 100 countries. The congress saw participation from 96 countries, with more than 230 delegates representing diverse sports media entities from around the globe.


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