Uzbek-Chinese Intergovernmental Commission Meeting Held in Tashkent

On May 13, Tashkent hosted the seventh meeting of the Uzbek-Chinese intergovernmental commission on cooperation, co-chaired by Uzbekistan's Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov and China's Deputy Chairman of the State Council Liu Guojun.

The meeting highlighted the rapid development of multilateral partnerships and emphasized the importance of the strong, friendly, and sincere ties between the leaders of both nations. A key proposal was the adoption of a joint “Action Plan” to enhance trade turnover, introduce additional trade benefits for long-term product supplies to China, expand industrial cooperation, and implement joint competitive projects across various economic sectors.

The session concluded with reviews from heads of relevant ministries and departments, culminating in the signing of the protocol for the seventh meeting of the Uzbek-Chinese intergovernmental cooperation commission.



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