Türkiye to Introduce Biodiesel in Shipping Sector to Boost Competitiveness and Environmental Sustainability

Türkiye is making a big change by using more biodiesel in its shipping. This helps the environment and makes Türkiye's shipping industry more competitive worldwide.

According to reports from the State Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Türkiye (EPDK), Türkiye will adopt biodiesel or biodiesel fuel in its maritime sector, a decision underscored by the imperative of using alternative fuels to shield transport companies from international competition.

This transition has been made possible through amendments to regulations governing licensing activities and technical criteria in the oil market, among other related decisions.

Under these revisions, locally sourced “sustainable marine blending ingredients” will be permitted for use in up to 30 percent of marine fuels. It is anticipated that, initially, 10 thousand tons of blending components will be annually integrated into the shipping sector.

This move signifies a shift towards biofuels produced domestically in the country, displacing imported fossil fuels. The amendments align with Türkiye’s commitments outlined in the Turkish Presidential Decree of October 7, 2021, as well as its participation in the Paris Agreement.

Moreover, Türkiye’s transition to biodiesel in the shipping sector is pivotal in achieving its 2053 net-zero emissions target, as blending component production will utilize waste material.

Biofuels, derived from biological resources, offer a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and are poised to bolster the international competitiveness of the maritime industry. This strategic shift underscores Turkey’s commitment to both environmental stewardship and economic resilience in the face of evolving global dynamics.



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