Türkiye Throws Support Behind Mark Rutte’s NATO Secretary General Candidacy

Türkiye has officially declared its backing for Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte's bid for the position of NATO Secretary General, as confirmed by Turkish officials.

Reports indicate that Ankara has communicated its decision to endorse Rutte to other members of the North Atlantic Alliance in preparation for the upcoming election.

The announcement follows a recent meeting between Rutte and Türkiye’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Istanbul, held earlier last week. The discussions aimed to secure Türkiye’s support for Rutte’s candidacy.

The one-on-one negotiations occurred on April 26 at the Vakhdettin residence, where Rutte highlighted Türkiye’s crucial role in NATO’s southern flank during a joint press conference.

“NATO’s southern flank needs Türkiye and its leadership,” Rutte emphasized, acknowledging Türkiye’s efforts in addressing issues such as the situation in Gaza and its contributions to resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

Rutte further underscored the importance of Türkiye’s involvement within NATO, recognizing its significant role in regional and global affairs.

With Türkiye’s endorsement, Rutte’s candidacy gains momentum, reflecting the evolving strategic alliances within NATO’s leadership framework.

Анадолу Агентсва


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