Türkiye Halts All Trade with Israel Amid Gaza Conflict

Türkiye has ceased all trade relations with Israel until the ceasefire in Gaza.

The decision comes in response to the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip and what Ankara perceives as Tel Aviv’s failure to comply with international efforts for a ceasefire.

A statement released by Turkish officials cited Israel’s persistent aggressive policies and the worsening humanitarian situation in Palestine as reasons for the suspension of trade. Türkiye has initiated the second stage of measures, effectively halting all trade with Israel.

The statement emphasized Türkiye’s commitment to enforcing these measures until Israel permits uninterrupted and sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Earlier, the Turkish Ministry of Trade announced restrictions on exports to Israel until a ceasefire is declared in Gaza and ample access for humanitarian aid is ensured. These restrictions, which came into effect on April 9, impacted 54 categories of goods, including steel, kerosene, fertilizers, construction equipment, and machinery.

In 2023, the trade turnover between Türkiye and Israel amounted to $6.8 billion, with Turkish exports accounting for approximately 76% of this figure, according to the Turkish statistics agency.




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