Turkestan designated as the premier tourist hub of the Turkic World in 2024

The city of Turkestan has been named the prospective tourist capital of the Turkic world for the year 2024, TuraNews.kz reports.

The announcement was made at the international tourism forum titled “Turkestan – the tourist capital of the Turkic world,” which was held in Turkestan on October 14, 2023. The forum was attended by notable figures such as Vice-Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Yerzhan Erkinbayev, Turkestan Region’s Akim (Governor) Darkhan Satybaldy, and Deputy Secretary General of the Organization of Turkic States, Mirvohid Azimov.

The forum also saw active participation from representatives of tourism administrations in Turkic nations, central and local government bodies, as well as the tourism industry and public associations of Kazakhstan.

The proposal to designate Turkestan as the tourist capital of the Turkic world for the year 2024 was unanimously approved during the VIII meeting of Tourism Ministers, which was held on the eve of the forum.

During the forum, several strategic proposals and comprehensive measures were discussed with a focus on enhancing the tourism sector in Turkic countries. These included increasing flight connectivity between major cities in member and observer states of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS), developing joint tourism offerings, establishing partnerships, and creating a contemporary “Silk Road” tourist route.

Additionally, there were plans for the continuation and expansion of the Tabarruk Ziyorat pilot project between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the formation of a marathon running alliance among UTG countries to promote a healthy lifestyle and cultural exchange, and the establishment of a league of UTG universities dedicated to tourism and hospitality education.

The forum also emphasized the importance of knowledge sharing in marketing and promoting the tourism potential of OTG (Organization of Turkic States) countries.

In discussing the “tourist capital of the Turkic world” initiative, Vice Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Erzhan Erkinbayev, noted that it holds substantial promise for unlocking the tourism potential of cities along the Great Silk Road and facilitating cultural exchange among the diverse Turkic nations. He expressed confidence in Turkestan’s ability to play a pivotal role in advancing and popularizing common Turkic goals.

Turkestan is a historic city located in southern Kazakhstan. It is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, including the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Turkestan is also home to a number of other important religious and cultural sites, making it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.



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