Tragic Collision at Manaschi Competition Leaves 19 Children Hospitalized in Kyrgyzstan

Nineteen children remain hospitalized following a devastating truck collision during a manaschi competition in the village of Zherge-Tal, Kyrgyzstan.

Health Minister Alymkadyr Beishenaliev addressed the media regarding the condition of the injured children from the truck collision in the Suzak region, conveying the latest updates to 24.kg.

As per the Health Minister, ten patients are receiving treatment in Bishkek, with three undergoing surgical procedures. “The condition is currently stable, with four children in intensive care and the remainder distributed across various departments,” stated Beishenaliev. In Jalal-Abad, nine children are hospitalized, with five in moderate condition, while the others are reported to be in satisfactory condition, with one child already discharged. All remaining patients are undergoing conservative treatment, with the Ministry of Health closely monitoring the situation.

The incident occurred on May 2 during a district-level school event commemorating the 1000th anniversary of the epic “Manas.” A mini-truck loaded with ice cream, left unattended on a hill, rolled uncontrollably into a crowd of children. The collision resulted in twenty schoolchildren being hospitalized in the Jalal-Abad region. The driver of the truck has since been detained.

Following the tragedy, on May 3, ten injured children were airlifted to the Bishkek City Children’s Clinical Emergency Medical Hospital on the directive of President Sadyr Japarov. Of these, four were admitted to intensive care, while the remaining six were admitted to the traumatology department.





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