Tragic Accident in Tatarstan: Car Fatally Strikes Three Children

In a tragic incident in the Menzelinsky district of Tatarstan, three teenagers lost their lives when they were hit by a car driven by a woman.

According to reports from TASS, a young woman behind the wheel struck three children who were walking along the road in the Menzelinsky district of Tatarstan.

Operational services confirmed that five children were walking on the roadway when the accident occurred. Sadly, three of the children, all minors, were fatally injured by the impact. The driver, identified as a young woman born in 1987, was operating a Toyota Camry at the time of the incident.

Fortunately, the other children escaped physical harm.

The acting prosecutor’s office of the republic, as reported in their Telegram channel by Prosecutor Timur Gabdullin of the Menzelinsky district, stated that the accident happened around 18:00 Moscow time. Tragically, the teenagers lost their lives at the scene of the accident before medical assistance could arrive.



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