TİKA Enhances Croatia’s Sports Infrastructure with Support to Sports Life Karate Club

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has extended technical infrastructure assistance to the Sports Life Karate Club in Croatia, aiding athletes who have brought international acclaim to the country.

Since its establishment in 1997, the Sports Life Karate Club in Zagreb has played a pivotal role in nurturing children and young individuals from diverse backgrounds into healthy, self-assured members of society. Affiliated with the Croatian Karate Federation, the club has been instrumental in shaping athletes who proudly represent Croatia on the global stage. Recognizing the crucial role of financial support in athlete development, TİKA provided over 100 essential items, including training and sports equipment, to the club.

The delivery ceremony for the Sports Life Karate Club Capacity Building Project was attended by Minority Deputy Veljko Kajtazi, a distinguished black belt holder, along with members of the Turkish Embassy in Zagreb, athletes, and their families.

During the ceremony, Deputy Kajtazi emphasized the importance of sports in steering children and youth away from negative influences, fostering physical and mental well-being, and equipping them with the resilience to confront life’s challenges. He expressed gratitude to TİKA for its diverse projects and initiatives, particularly those targeting vulnerable communities in Croatia.



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