The national team of Kazakhstan defeated Belarus and advanced to Group B of the League of Nations

Kazakhstan won 2-1 at home over Belarus on matchday five of UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 Group 3.

The host team Kazakhstan was aiming for a win in order to secure his first place position in the group and reach to League B, while the guest Belarus team was fighting for survival in C League.

The starting lineups for both teams were as follows:

Kazakhstan: Shatsky, Gabyshev, Maly, Marochkin, Alip, Vorogovsky, Orazov, Tagybergen, Darabaev, Zainutdinov, Aimbetov;

Belarus: Khatkevich, Pechenin, Yudenkov, Shvetsov, Polyakov, Ebong, Yablonsky, Klimovich, Shevchenko, Savitsky, Bogomolsky.

Belarus was  inrush in attacks from very first minutes of the match. Kazakhstan gradually leveled the game and had a chance for a goal but Aslan Darabaev’s shot inside the box was saved by goalkeeper Egor Khatkevich.After that, the host team found a way to score quickly. Ramazan Orazov saw Mikhail Gabyshev who had run into the penalty area and as Mikhail received the pass, he outplayed the Belarusian goal keeper, Yegor Khatkevich and scored the goal – 1:0. However Kazakhstan’s team could not manage to keep the score until end of first time in the match which the goal scored by Belarusian footbaler

However Kazakhstan’s team could not manage to keep the score until end of first time. Belarusian footballer Pavel Savitsky scored the last goal of first half in the match 1:1.

Both teams missed many chances to score in the second half of the match. Finally Kazakhstani footballer Baktier Zainutdinov scored the final goal of the match – 2:1 and this was the first victory of Kazakhstan againist Belarus in football history.



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