The largest autism center in Kazakhstan starts work in Astana

The second "Asyl Miras" autism center of the capital city opened on Dostyk street.

On the eve of World Autism Awareness Day, the Bulat Utemuratov Foundation opened a new center for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Astana, Turanews.kz reports.

The center has become the second one in the capital and already the twelfth center in Kazakhstan.

The first center named “Asyl Miras” in Astana was opened by the Bulat Utemuratov Foundation in 2015. During that time, more than 2,000 children with autistic disorders have received free correctional assistance in that center.


Awareness about autism and diagnostic tools are improving every year, which is reflected in the official statistics on the prevalence of ASD in the world and in Kazakhstan. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, signs of ASD occur in one in 54 children. in 2022, according to the National Scientific and Practical Center, autism was confirmed in 12,000 children in Kazakhstan.

Early diagnosis and correction significantly increase the chances of children for successful socialization. In Astana, according to the education department, 2,500 children have been diagnosed with ASD. More than 300 children are on the waiting list for the services of the “Asyl Miras” autisim center, the waiting period is about a year.

The Mayor of Astana city visits the center / photo: Instagram

Bulat Utemuratov Foundation with the support of the mayor’s office of Astana decided to open a second autism center in the capital city to respond the public demand.

The new center will provide necessary care about 900 children a year.

Photo: The Bulat Utemuratov Foundation

Classes will be held according to the standards of the program “Autism. One World for All” on six intervention programs.

10 classrooms are already fully equipped with furniture, inventory and teaching aids.

Taking into account the experience of other centers, the number of rooms for the most popular programs has been increased – three rooms each have been prepared for classes with children under the programs “Early Support” and “Development of Teaching Skills”.

Photo: The Bulat Utemuratov Foundation

The Bulat Utemuratov Foundation is implementing the “Autism. The world is one for all” program since 2015. During the time, the Asyl Miras intervention programs have been completed by more than 14,000 children throughout Kazakhstan.



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