Tajikistan Lodges Protest with Russia Over Rights Violations of Citizens

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan has formally presented a note of protest to the Russian Ambassador concerning the reported infringement of the rights of Tajik citizens within the Russian Federation.

In response to perceived violations of Tajik nationals’ rights and freedoms in Russia, Dushanbe expressed deep concern to the Russian ambassador. However, Moscow has denied any bias towards citizens of Tajikistan.

Tajikistan’s Foreign Ministry summoned Russian Ambassador Semyon Grigoriev and delivered a formal protest note, highlighting serious concerns regarding what it described as “widespread instances of overtly negative treatment” towards Tajiks in Russia, resulting in the infringement of their rights and freedoms.

According to the Tajik Foreign Ministry’s telegram channel, the note underscores that such actions are reportedly targeted exclusively at citizens of Tajikistan, a stance deemed fundamentally incompatible with the spirit and longstanding traditions of Tajik-Russian relations.



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