Tajikistan Introduces Forced Labor Punishment for Sorcerers and Fortune Tellers

Tajikistan authorities are proposing stringent measures against individuals masquerading as healers, fortune tellers, sorcerers, and talisman makers.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, as reported by TASS, revealed plans to subject such individuals to up to six months of forced labor as punishment for fraud and deception.

Proposed amendments to criminal and administrative legislation aim to crack down on fraudulent activities under the guise of mystical practices. Authorities are also implementing preventive measures to identify and register individuals posing as magicians and psychics.

Presently, only fines are levied against such fraudulent practices in Tajikistan.

This move mirrors recent efforts elsewhere, such as a proposal in Russia to categorize fortune tellers and sorcerers as entrepreneurs, enabling punishment for fraud. In one instance, a court in Rostov-on-Don sentenced a fortune teller to five years in prison for swindling money from numerous clients.




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