Service 2GIS has been removed from AppStore

The Russian map service 2GIS is not available in the App Store at the moment.

The Sberbank, which acquired 72% of the company in 2020 is the main owner of the service. The bank’s own application, “Sberbank Online” is not available in either the App Store or Google Play. It was removed after Washington imposed sanctions against Sberbank in April of this year, which imply a ban on American businesses from cooperating with Russian companies. The assets of Sberbank were also frozen, later it banned from the international interbank system of information and making payments SWIFT.

The Applications which is already downloaded to Apple devices are still working without problem and the service is still available on Google Play too.

“The main advice for iPhone owners is not to delete the already installed 2GIS application. If you have changed your phone, then please use our web site via setting as a desktop icon ” the company’s press service said.

The company promised to find a way to solve the current issue with Apple and asked users to log in to 2GIS in any way.


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