Series of Earthquakes Hit China and Kyrgyzstan, Almaty Experiences Aftershocks

the last four earthquakes were not felt by the general population in Kazakhstan

A sequence of aftershocks continued to shake Almaty overnight, with four earthquakes recorded since 2 AM. The seismic activity persisted, and two additional earthquakes were documented by the network of seismic stations.

The first of the recent earthquakes occurred at 8:39 in the morning, with the epicenter situated 212 kilometers southeast of Almaty on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The earthquake fell into the energy category of 10.3, boasting a magnitude of MPV 4.4 and a depth of 10 kilometers. Fortunately, there were no reports of it being felt in Almaty.

A second aftershock followed within ten to fifteen minutes, around 8:54 in the morning Astana time. This time, the epicenter was located 268 kilometers southeast of Almaty, within Chinese territory. The earthquake held an energy category of 11.4, a magnitude of MPV 5.1, and occurred at a depth of 5 kilometers. Similar to the previous seismic activity, this event went unnoticed by Almaty residents.

It’s worth noting that the last four earthquakes were not felt by the general population in Kazakhstan. These recent seismic events followed two earlier earthquakes at 05:50 and 07:35. Authorities continue to monitor the situation closely, providing updates and ensuring public safety in the region.





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