Scammers Exploit Hamster Kombat Game to Deceive People

With the rising popularity of crypto games, there has been an increase in fraudulent schemes targeting investors.

The State Technical Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan (STS) has issued a warning about a surge in fraudulent activities associated with the popular game Hamster Kombat, as reported by

Hamster Kombat has gained popularity among users of Telegram and other platforms due to its potential for earning through gaming activities, similar to other crypto games. However, alongside the growing interest in these games within the cryptocurrency industry, there has been a rise in fraudulent schemes aimed at investors.

In Hamster Kombat, which boasts approximately 100 million players, users manage hamsters acting as CEOs of cryptocurrency exchanges. The game’s primary mechanism involves a clicker that allows players to earn virtual coins with each click, alongside various mechanics for active and passive income.

According to STS, scammers are hacking Telegram accounts and enticing users to visit phishing pages with bots to launch the popular game. Users are also warned that scammers may hijack their profiles during the game’s download process.

The scammers promise that all earnings from the game will be converted into cryptocurrency following the official listing of the project on a crypto exchange. However, the exact listing date remains unknown, and specific terms of sale and coin value are undisclosed. STS advises users to exercise caution and vigilance when participating in such games and interacting with unknown bots and links on Telegram, as stated by the STS press office.



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