Samarkand Set to Host Triathlon World Cup

The Triathlon World Cup is set to take place in Samarkand on May 18-19 this year, promising an exhilarating showcase of athletic prowess.

Alongside this prestigious event, Uzbekistan will host the National Championship and the forthcoming forum of the Asian Triathlon Confederation, including the Central Asian Triathlon Association Congress.

Renowned as a global magnet for triathlon enthusiasts, the “World Triathlon Cup Samarkand – 2024” and “World Triathlon Para Cup Samarkand – 2024” are anticipated to draw the attention of audiences worldwide. With qualification for the Paris Olympics at stake, the competition is poised to attract over 300 elite athletes from across the globe, underscoring its significance on the international sports calendar.

Adding to the excitement, the international triathlon competition “Challenge Samarkand – 2024” is scheduled for September 7-8, offering another thrilling opportunity for athletes and spectators alike.




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