Rider and Horse Killed by Lightning in Bishkek

A tragic incident occurred at the Ak-Kula hippodrome in Bishkek, where a rider and his horse were struck and killed by lightning during a thunderstorm on June 12.

The Internal Affairs Directorate reported that this incident has been officially registered and a pre-investigation check has been initiated. Police have begun interviewing witnesses and have ordered appropriate examinations to understand the circumstances better.

Currently, all stables at the hippodrome have been privatized, with some used by private individuals despite repeated municipal warnings against unauthorized use of the area. The investigation will determine the legal ramifications of the incident, providing a detailed assessment based on the findings.

“Despite repeated demands from the municipality not to use the territory of the hippodrome, private individuals continued to walk and train horses there,” stated the Internal Affairs Directorate. The ongoing investigation will further clarify the situation and assign legal responsibility where necessary.





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