Record Temperatures Expected in Türkiye: Istanbul Could Hit 43 Degrees

Istanbul is bracing for a potential record-breaking heatwave, with temperatures possibly reaching 43 degrees Celsius, according to Istanbul Technical University's meteorologist, Prof. Dr. Orhan Şen.

Since June 1, Türkiye has been experiencing unusually high temperatures. Prof. Şen emphasized that this intense heat will not subside soon and warned of a “meteorological disaster” this year. He noted that Istanbul’s temperatures could once again reach record highs, potentially hitting 43 degrees.

The heatwave has affected the entire country, particularly overwhelming residents in Istanbul. Prof. Dr. Şen, who also advises CNN Türk on meteorology, shared his concerns in an interview with Hürriyet writer Fulya Soybaş.

Prof. Şen explained that although there were slight fluctuations in temperatures, with a brief respite over the weekend and a 3-4 degree drop in the East, the heat is expected to intensify again starting Tuesday. Regions such as Marmara, the Aegean, the western Mediterranean, and Eastern Anatolia will see temperatures soaring to 40 degrees or higher. He further warned that July and August are likely to be even hotter, with a strong possibility of breaking previous temperature records.

Last year, Istanbul saw its hottest day in 85 years, with temperatures reaching 41.3 degrees, surpassing the 40.6-degree record set in 1938. This year, temperatures could climb even higher, possibly reaching 42-43 degrees. Prof. Şen urged everyone to prepare for the extreme heat.





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