Railway terminal lines from the ports of Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey will be created on the basis of KTZ

Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kairbek Uskenbayev announced that `Railway terminal lines will be created from the ports of Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey on the basis of “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” company`at the Government meeting.

According to Minister, several measures are being considered within the framework of the transformation of the “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” company into a national transport and logistics company.

Those are:

  • Synchronizing with global transport and logistics companies (PSA, DBShenker, CoscoShipping, DPWorld, etc.)
  • Eliminating “bottlenecks” and cooperating with the creation of a Unified Digital Corridor that provides seamless exchange of transportation documents, access to international markets;
  • Digitization of transport corridors together with PSA;
  • Creation of external terminal networks in the ports of Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey;
  • Strengthening of state regulation in the operational activities of the company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” by participating in corporate decision-making, agreeing on the tariff policy and increasing operational activities;
  • Creation of a national base of scientific and applied developments for further development of the field of transport and logistics.

“Implementation of these activities will be approved in the concept of development of transport and logistics potential of Kazakhstan until 2030,” said Kairbek Uskenbaev.



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