President Tokayev Receives Minister of Internal Affairs for Crime Report

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev recently met with Minister of Internal Affairs Yerzhan Sadenov to discuss the state of crime in the country. During the meeting, the President was briefed on the current crime situation, revealing a decrease in various criminal activities since the beginning of the year. Instances of theft, robbery, hooliganism, and offenses occurring at home or in public spaces while under the influence have notably declined.

Minister Sadenov also provided updates on law enforcement efforts, noting that 782 individuals, including 79 abroad, have been detained since the start of the year. Additionally, 16 wanted individuals have been extradited to the country.

The meeting addressed measures taken to ensure public safety in crowded places, with over two thousand vulnerable sites inspected for terrorism risks, including schools, universities, shopping centers, and places of worship.

Furthermore, Minister Sadenov outlined migration control efforts, stating that 4.2 million foreigners entered the country while approximately 4 million left, with 90% being citizens of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

President Tokayev was briefed on the progress of various initiatives aimed at combating organized crime, cybercrime, and drug trafficking, as well as preventing domestic violence, addressing flood consequences, ensuring road safety, and conducting extraordinary certification.

In concluding the meeting, President Tokayev issued directives to further enhance law enforcement and public safety measures nationwide.


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