Presentation of Book on Jochi’s Biography Held in Kazakhstan

The unveiling of the book "Jochi" recently occurred, organized by the International Scientific Complex "Astana" in collaboration with the RSE at the RPE "Scientific Institute for the Study of the Jochi Ulus" under the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan. This book sheds light on the biography of Jochi, with a focus on his significant role in the establishment of the Golden Horde state and Kazakh khans.

The book’s author, Artem Aleksandrovich Porsin, a Candidate of Historical Sciences and an independent researcher, has authored three scientific monographs on the history of the Jochi.

The book delves into various aspects of Jochi’s life and political endeavors, offering insights into his upbringing, relationship with his father, and his contributions to the Mongol offensive to the West. It particularly highlights Jochi’s diplomatic prowess and his efforts towards integrating new groups and polities into the Mongol Empire.

In a recent interview with the newspaper “Egemen Kazakhstan” dated January 3, 2024, the Head of State underscored the significance of the Ulus of Jochi, noting its formation 800 years ago on the territory of Kazakhstan. The Jochid dynasty, stemming from Jochi, ruled Kazakhstan for six centuries, marking a “golden age” in the country’s history.

Following the book presentation, participants engaged in discussions emphasizing the importance of further research into Jochi’s biography, political activities, and his role in shaping Kazakh statehood.



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