Preparations for the V World Nomad Games in Full Swing

The Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Ermek Marzhikpayev, met with Chyngyz Esengul uulu, the Deputy Minister of Culture, Information, Sports, and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic, to discuss preparations for the 5th World Nomad Games in Astana.

Ermek Marzhikpayev expressed gratitude for the cooperation and highlighted that 89 countries have already confirmed their participation in the sports competitions.

“In preparation for the Games, a license agreement was concluded for the free use of the World Nomad Games logo and brand with the copyright holder, the Public Association ‘Children’s Olympic Village of the Kyrgyz Republic.’ In line with recommendations from the Bishkek office of the WNG Secretariat, we adhered to several mandatory requirements aimed at preserving the traditions of the Games. Notably, the logo includes the element of Water, a sacred symbol of the World Congress,” stated Marzhikpayev.

He also mentioned that at the opening ceremony, the parade of athletes will be led by representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic. Additionally, an anthem composed by the renowned Kyrgyz composer Emil Kenzhekulov will be performed.

The 5th World Nomad Games in Astana will feature competitions in 21 sports, with 97 sets of medals to be awarded. The event will cover three main areas: sports, culture, and science.

With 69 days remaining until the Games, the event is listed as part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. Scheduled to take place from September 8 to 13, the Games are expected to attract over 2,000 participants and officials, along with more than 100,000 tourists. Additionally, 1,000 volunteers will be involved in the event.




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