Plans to Boost Bayanaul District’s Economy with Gold Mining Project

A new gold mining factory is set to open in Bayanaul district, promising to create 250 jobs in the region.

Ushtagan GOLD LLP is currently preparing the necessary documents for the project, which includes securing a 430-hectare plot in the Zhanazhol rural district.

The project is scheduled for implementation between 2024 and 2027 and aims to mine up to 800,000 tons of gold ore annually. District akim Ardak Ksentaev reported that the project would cost 11.6 billion tenge.

Regional akim Asain Baykhanov emphasized the importance of this project, noting that the creation of new jobs would positively impact the local economy. “I personally met with the investors,” he stated. “This is a very important project for our region.”

In addition to the gold mining factory, two other investment projects are planned for the Bayanaul district: a camel farm and an irrigated agricultural plot. These initiatives are expected to further contribute to the economic development of the area.



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