Pakistan Conducts Airstrikes on Iran, Citing Counterterrorism Operations

The attack comes after Iran carried out strikes against terrorist targets late Tuesday in Pakistan

Pakistani Foreign Ministry has confirmed launching strikes on Iran, targeting alleged terrorist hideouts. The strikes occurred in various districts of the Iranian region of Seravan within the province of Sistan and Baluchestan. Pakistan, identified as one of the nuclear powers, utilized a combination of missiles and drones in the military operation.

The incident unfolded on the night of Thursday, January 18, as Pakistan unilaterally closed its borders with Iran. Subsequently, Pakistani aircraft breached Iranian airspace to carry out the attacks on specific targets.

The military campaign, named “Operation Marg Bar Sarmachar,” resulted in the reported elimination of several terrorists. The situation adds a layer of complexity to the diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Iran, prompting scrutiny and attention from the international community.






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