Over 26,000 Workers’ Rights Safeguarded by State Labor Inspectors in 2023

In the year 2023, in Kazakhstan state labor inspectors played a crucial role in protecting the rights of over 26,000 workers across more than 1,000 enterprises in the republic, reports.

Reports indicate that wage arrears amounting to over 6.6 billion tenge were identified by these inspectors, affecting a total of 28,000 employees. To address these issues, managers of the implicated enterprises received 1,447 mandatory orders, accompanied by fines totaling more than 200.5 million tenge.

The enforcement of strict schedules and deadlines for the repayment of wage arrears proved effective, leading to positive outcomes. As a result of these measures, the rights of more than 26,000 workers were safeguarded, with a total sum of 5.8 billion tenge disbursed to address wage discrepancies. This marks a significant step in upholding workers’ rights and ensuring fair compensation within the labor landscape.


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