“Only my father and I are on the plane.” Kazakhstanis are sharing a video of an empty plane is flying to Russia

A video of an empty plane flying to Russia is being sent out by Kazakhstanis.

On camera, the man says that he is flying with his son to Russia, without specifying where they boaraded from to the plane. at the second frame of the video shows an empty plane. The hero of the video ironically notes that they “ordered a whole plane.”

Most of social media thought that the plane was flying from Kazakhstan. However, judging by the frames and seat covers, this is presumably a S7 Airlines flight. According to the CAC, this airline does not operate flights from Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation. because among the airway companies those who fly from Kazakhstan to Russia are Qazaq Air, SCAT, Rossiya, Azimuth, Red Wings and UTAir.

One of the Telegram channels explained that an unusual S7 Airlines flight flew from Bishkek to Irkutsk. With only two passengers on board, it was carried out on Monday, September 26, on an Airbus A320 aircraft. Three tickets were purchased.

“The actual number of passengers of the flight is larger in usual days (approxiamtely between 70-100 tickets for the per flights). The airline launched this flight (S7 6320) from September 20th and It is scheduled on Tuesdays and Saturdays but this week there was additional flights that added on Monday and Thursday.” the airline said in the message for the empty flight news.

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