New Faces Join National Kurultai as Composition Shifts

Public Representatives Karlygash Dzhamankulova, Daniyar Kadirov, and Lev Tarakov Appointed; Former Members Excluded.

The National Kurultai’s composition underwent changes recently, as announced on June 12, 2024, in Akorda. New public representatives have been included in its activities, namely Karlygash Dzhamankulova, President of the International Foundation for the Defense of Freedom of Speech “Adil Soz,” Daniyar Kadirov, President of the Otandastar Foundation, and Lev Tarakov, Editor-in-Chief of the socio-political newspaper “Vremya.”

Conversely, Arman Kashkinbekov, Denis Krivosheev, and Abzal Saparbekuly were removed from the National Kurultai.

The last adjustments to the National Kurultai’s composition were made in January 2024.




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