New Delhi Gears Up for G-20 Summit with Tight Security

New Delhi, India is gearing up to host the G-20 Leaders’ Summit this week, with tight security measures in place, reports.

Over 50,000 security personnel will be deployed for the event, and there will be travel restrictions in some areas of the city. The Indian Air Force will also be deploying fighter jets, radars, and anti-drone systems to secure the skies.

The summit is seen as an opportunity for India to advance its development agenda and strengthen trade ties with other G-20 member nations. However, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and US-China tensions are also expected to dominate the proceedings.

Despite the security challenges, Delhi is excited to welcome the world leaders to the city. G-20 advertisements have been put up at the city’s airports, bus stations, offices, and major thoroughfares.

Samir Patil, an expert on security matters, said that the summit offers an opportunity for India to “evolve a consensus on pressing global issues.”

“While the Ukraine war and US-China tensions will also dominate the proceedings, I believe that New Delhi will be able to do so,” he said.

The G-20 summit is a major event for India, and the government is determined to make it a success. With tight security in place and the city decked out to welcome the visitors, Delhi is ready to host the world leaders.


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