New Cargo Route Opens from China to Uzbekistan via Kazakhstan

China has recently inaugurated a road freight route for transporting goods to Uzbekistan, cutting through the territory of Kazakhstan.

This was announced by the Ministry of Transport of Uzbekistan, is a collaborative effort involving the Union of International Road Carriers and various government agencies in the People’s Republic of China.

The new corridor is anticipated to significantly accelerate the transportation of goods between Uzbekistan and ports along the Yellow Sea, providing a more efficient door-to-door delivery process. Commencing in the city of Qingdao, the route spans the entire breadth of China from east to west, reaching Khorgos, and then proceeding through Kazakhstan in transit.

This development is part of a broader effort to enhance international trade and logistics connections, facilitating smoother cargo movements between Central Asia and China. The implementation of this route is particularly noteworthy for carriers equipped with a TIR Carnet document, streamlining procedures and fostering increased connectivity in the region.







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